Anovim anovim - Gershon Shapiro

terça-feira, dezembro 21, 2010

Anovim - Yossi Green

Besha’ah sheMelech haMoshiach ba 
Omed al gag, gag Beis Hamikdash 
Mashmia leYisroel veomer: 

Anavim anavim higia z’man 
Higia z’man Geulaschem 
Ve’im ein atem ma’aminim 
Ve’im ein atem ma’aminim 
Reu be’ori shezoraiach.


At the moment when king Moshiach comes, 
he will stand on the roof of the Holy Temple 
and call out: My humble ones, the time of your redemption has come, 
and if you don´t believe me; look at the light that I shine upon you!


Para, por e com Israel, sempre! Apesar de [preencher as lacunas]