O impacto de Darwin na sociedade em menos de 3 minutos

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Origem da Vida: o dilema da mão de Deus???

quinta-feira, julho 30, 2020

Prebiotic chemistry and human intervention

Clemens Richert 

Nature Communications



Experimentalists in the field of prebiotic chemistry strive to re-enact what may have happened when life arose from inanimate material. How often human intervention was needed to obtain a specific result in their studies is worth reporting.

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Plausibility is important. So, perhaps it is time to think about ways out of the “Hand of God” dilemma.
...one may want to state more explicitly what prebiotic scenario a specific experiment is believed to address. This will not solve the “Hand of God dilemma”, but it may allow the reader to gauge what geochemical conditions were assumed when the experiment was planned. 

The Paleobiology Database

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