O contrataque tardio da Nomenklatura científica: um blog sobre as origens

segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2009

A Nomenklatura científica contrataca tardiamente: um blog sobre as origens.

Sorry, periferia, mas está em inglês, a língua do homem que teve a maior idéia que toda a humanidade já teve (esse guri traquina do Dennett não larga o meu pé!).

JANUARY 8, 2009

Welcome to the Origins Blog

Had Charles Robert Darwin had access to the Internet, he would have been a blogger. The prolific 19th century naturalist--and father of evolution--eagerly shared his ideas and observations with the world around him through 16 books and pamphlets and more than 5000 letters to the scientific and cultural luminaries of his day. He covered everything, from the formation of mold or the perception of ants, to the movement of leaves.

2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and 150 years after he published On the Origin of Species. As part of its celebration of these two anniversaries, Science will be blogging, with Darwin as our inspiration. On this site, our writers and editors, as well as guest researchers and blog readers, will share their thoughts, not just about the origin of species but also about key nodes throughout the evolution of life, just as Darwin did.

Turn to this site for discussions related to a monthly essay series on "Origins" that Science is publishing as part of its Year of Darwin. January's essay by Carl Zimmer examines the origin of life on Earth. Our bloggers will be introducing the people and processes behind the research, as well as other "Origins" themes. We welcome your comments and your feedback.