Darwin, não é porque você está morto, responde esta se puder!!!

quinta-feira, maio 28, 2009

Gente, esta propaganda de computadores Dell usados em um site holandês está demais. Reproduzo aqui, pois o site não mantém uma cópia cache depois de um dia.

Sorry, periferia, mas está em inglês.



Explain this one, Darwin! And don’t think I’ll let you dodge the issue just because you’re dead!

The pseudoscientific Kommissars of “devil-ution” don’t want you to read this message, because it threatens to undermine their choke-hold on the throat of your mind. Why? Because for all their “empirical evidence” and “testable predictions”, there are a few phenomena these white-coated charlatans simply cannot explain. The sheer complexity of the human eye. The low-fat succulence of ostrich meat. The irresistible cuteness of the pygmy jerboa. And the marvelous Dell Studio 17” Red Dual Core Entertainment Notebook.

Like it or not, such a robust and specialized laptop PC must have been created by a, you guessed it, creator. I guess you’re going to tell me that its glossy 17” display, 320Gb hard drive, and 4GB DDR2 SDRAM just happened to fall into place when a stiff breeze swept through a computer-parts warehouse? Impossible! It’s even more unlikely than, say, a random Kenyan immigrant fathering the president of the United States.

And that’s before we even consider the facial-recognition software and HDMI port. Perhaps lower-order mammals could be said to possess a crude form of facial recognition. For instance, when my dog sees me, he never fails to urinate uncontrollably. But I have yet to find a single monkey that can send hi-def content to an HDTV. And I’ve tried, because an HDMI-equipped monkey would be the answer to my fondest dreams. Trust me, people, it doesn’t exist.

If evil-lution was for real, any one of my aunts could sprout testicles at any second and become my uncle. Last time I checked, that still hadn’t happened. And it hasn’t happened in all human history, from today back to when we walked with the dinosaurs. So until it sprouts wings and gills, I’ll believe that the Dell Studio 17” Red Dual Core Entertainment Notebook was made, not evolved. Got anything to say to that one, Darwin, you Galapagos turd? Hmmm?

I think not. I think not at all.

Warranty: 1 Year Dell

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