Alvin Plantinga: Deus e a Evolução - onde reside realmente o conflito

segunda-feira, maio 16, 2011

God & Evolution: Where the Conflict Really Lies from BLPR Philosophy & Religion on Vimeo.

Guest Lecturer Alvin Plantinga argues (1) that contemporary evolutionary theory is not incompatible with theistic belief, (2) that the main antitheistic arguments involving evolution together with other premises also fail, and (3) that naturalism, the thought that there is no such thing as the God of theistic religion or anything like him, is an essential element in the naturalistic worldview (a sort of quasi-religion in the sense that it plays some of the most important roles of religion) and that the naturalistic worldview is in fact incompatible with evolution. Hence there is a science/religion (or science/quasi-religion) conflict, all right, but it is a conflict between naturalism and science, not theistic religion and science.

Time/Tempo: 2:22:31