A genômica precisa de Darwin???

sábado, junho 13, 2009

O mantra surrado de Dobzhansky é "Nada em biologia faz sentido a não ser à luz da evolução". O que é um baita exagero retórico. Na verdade, Dobzhansky, nada em biologia faz sentido a não ser à luz das evidências.


Professor John Dupre of Egenis for instance writes in the Genomics Network Newsletter - April 2009 - Does Genomics Need Darwin? (p.23)

“Whereas until recently it was thought that the vast majority of the genome (>98%) not directly involved in coding for proteins was ‘junk’, perhaps selfish DNA involved in its own project of colonizing the genome, this view is now widely discredited. At least 70% of the genome appears to be transcribed, and it is increasingly suspected that much of this is involved in regulation of genome expression. Especially prominent among these regulatory elements are the small RNA molecules that are now known to be a major feature of all cellular environments, and that have been divided into a rapidly diversifying taxonomy of kinds. Exploration of the functions of these systems of molecules is one of the most exciting areas of contemporary biology.”


É, durma-se com um barulho desses, parece que na genômica nós não precisamos de Darwin.

PDF gratuito do artigo aqui. [4.98 MB]


Tirando o chapéu para Andrew Sibley.