TreeKO: um algoritmo de percepção de duplicação para a comparação de árvores filogenéticas

sexta-feira, junho 10, 2011

TreeKO: a duplication-aware algorithm for the comparison of phylogenetic trees

Marina Marcet-Houben and Toni Gabaldón*

Author Affiliations

Bioinformatics and Genomics Programme, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), UPF, Doctor Aiguader, 88, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. Tel: +34 933160281; Fax: +34 93 3969983; Email:

Received June 14, 2010.
Revision received February 2, 2011.
Accepted February 3, 2011.


Comparisons of tree topologies provide relevant information in evolutionary studies. Most existing methods share the drawback of requiring a complete and exact mapping of terminal nodes between the compared trees. This severely limits the scope of genome-wide analyses, since trees containing duplications are pruned arbitrarily or discarded. To overcome this, we have developed treeKO, an algorithm that enables the comparison of tree topologies, even in the presence of duplication and loss events. To do so treeKO recursively splits gene trees into pruned trees containing only orthologs to subsequently compute a distance based on the combined analyses of all pruned tree comparisons. In addition treeKO, implements the possibility of computing phylome support values, and reconciliation-based measures such as the number of inferred duplication and loss events.
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