Rede de capilaridade de células sanguíneas em ação: mero acaso, fortuita necessidade ou design inteligente?

quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2017

Optics and Lasers in Engineering

Available online 19 September 2017

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Optics and Lasers in Engineering

High-speed video capillaroscopy method for imaging and evaluation of moving red blood cells

Author Igor Gurov, Mikhail Volkov, Nikita Margaryants, Aleksei Pimenov, Andrey Potemkin

ITMO University, 49 Kronverksky pr., St. Petersburg, 197101 Russia

Received 1 May 2017, Revised 17 August 2017, Accepted 5 September 2017, Available online 19 September 2017.


• The proposed method allows to evaluate spatial capillary area and central line independently on properties of individual capillary.

• Simultaneous blood flow velocity records related to a few neighbor capillaries into a capillary net are demonstrated for the first time.

Source/Fonte: Igor Gurov


The video capillaroscopy system with high image recording rate to resolve moving red blood cells with velocity up to 5 mm/s into a capillary is considered. Proposed procedures of the recorded video sequence processing allow evaluating spatial capillary area, capillary diameter and central line with high accuracy and reliability independently on properties of individual capillary. Two-dimensional inter frame procedure is applied to find lateral shift of neighbor images in the blood flow area with moving red blood cells and to measure directly the blood flow velocity along a capillary central line. The developed method opens new opportunities for biomedical diagnostics, particularly, due to long-time continuous monitoring of red blood cells velocity into capillary. Spatio-temporal representation of capillary blood flow is considered. Experimental results of direct measurement of blood flow velocity into separate capillary as well as capillary net are presented and discussed.


Biomedical imaging Capillary Red blood cell velocity Video capillaroscopy

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Optics and Lasers in Engineering