A estratégia DNA Fountain capacita robusta e eficiente arquitetura de armazenagem de dados

quinta-feira, dezembro 07, 2017

DNA Fountain enables a robust and efficient storage architecture

Yaniv Erlich, Dina Zielinski

Now published in Science doi: 10.1126/science.aaj2038


DNA is an attractive medium to store digital information. Here, we report a storage strategy, called DNA Fountain, that is highly robust and approaches the information capacity per nucleotide. Using our approach, we stored a full computer operating system, movie, and other files with a total of 2.14x10^6 bytes in DNA oligos and perfectly retrieved the information from a sequencing coverage equivalent of a single tile of Illumina sequencing. We also tested a process that can allow 2.18x10^15 retrievals using the original DNA sample and were able to perfectly decode the data. Finally, we explored the limit of our architecture in terms of bytes per molecules and obtained a perfect retrieval from a density of 215Petabyte/gram of DNA, orders of magnitudes higher than previous techniques.


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