Limites empíricos do conhecimento científico

segunda-feira, junho 16, 2008

Vale a pena conferir e baixar PDFs, MP3,PPTs e vídeos das palestras [em inglês] sobre os limites do conhecimento científico do workshop realizado na Universidade de Düsseldorf, Alemanha, 10-12 de abril de 2008.

Theoretical Frameworks and Empirical Underdetermination Workshop

April 10-12 2008, University of Düsseldorf.

Workshop organisers: Gerhard Schurz and Ioannis Votsis.

The aim of the workshop was to explore new and fruitful avenues concerning the empirical limits of scientific knowledge. It brought together some of the world’s leading experts in the scientific realism debate to discuss the latest developments in the field. Topics discussed included structural realism, underdetermination, empirical equivalence, the pessimistic meta-induction argument, the reference of scientific terms and inference to the best explanation. The programme commenced with a eulogy to the late Peter Lipton, who was originally scheduled to give a talk at the workshop. David Papineau who had known Peter for over twenty years gave the eulogy.