Darwin, nós temos um problema: como causa necessária para a evolução biológica a autorreplicação fenotípica deve ser exata.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2024

Volume 237, March 2024, 105154

Accurate phenotypic self-replication as a necessary cause for biological evolution.

Seymour Garte 

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, 160 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ, 08854-8020, USA

Received 27 October 2023, Revised 29 January 2024, Accepted 9 February 2024, Available online 10 February 2024, Version of Record 14 February 2024.


Adamski, P., Eleveld, M., Sood, A. et al. From self-replication to replicator systems en route tode novo life. Nat Rev Chem 4, 386–403 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41570-020-0196-x


Since the Origin of Species, it has been known that evolution depends on what Darwin called the “strong principle of inheritance.” Highly accurate replication of cellular phenotype is a universal phenomenon in all of life since LUCA and is often taken for granted as a constant in evolutionary theory. It is not known how self-replication arose during the origin of life. In this report I use the simple mathematics of evolutionary theory to investigate the dynamics of self-replication accuracy and allelic selection. Results indicate that the degree of self-replication accuracy must be greater than a threshold related to the selection coefficients of the alleles in a population in order for evolution to occur. Accurate replication of cellular phenotype and of the molecules involved in genotype/phenotype linkage is necessary for the origin of evolution and may be considered the fundamental principle of life.

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