Darwin, mais complexidade, mano: descobrindo elementos químicos nas células

sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2019

Chemical and Topographical Single‐Cell Imaging by Near‐Field Desorption Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Zhibin Yin Xiaoling Cheng Rong Liu Xiaoping Li Le Hang Prof. Wei Hang Jingyi Xu Prof. Xiaomei Yan Prof. Jianfeng Li Prof. Zhongqun Tian

First published: 02 January 2019



Simultaneously acquiring chemical and topographical information within a single cell at nanoscale resolutions is vital to cellular biology, yet it remains a great challenge due to limited lateral resolutions and detection sensitivities. Herein, the development of near‐field desorption mass spectrometry for correlated chemical and topographical imaging is reported, thereby bridging the gap between laser‐based mass spectrometry (MS) methods and multimodal single‐cell imaging. Using this integrated platform, an imaging resolution of 250 nm and 3D topographically reconstructed chemical single‐cell imaging were achieved. This technique offers more in‐depth cellular information than micrometer‐range laser‐based MS imaging methods. Considering the simplicity and compact size of the near‐field device, this technique can be introduced to MALDI‐MS, expanding the multimodal abilities of MS at nanoscale resolutions.