A “Máquina de Estabilização dos Oceanos” pode representar um fator primordial subjacente ao efeito do “aquecimento global na mudança climática”

segunda-feira, fevereiro 11, 2019

ACS Vol.9 No.1, January 2019

The “Ocean Stabilization Machine” May Represent a Primary Factor Underlying the Effect of “Global Warming on Climate Change”

DOI: 10.4236/acs.2019.91009

Author(s) Yanjun Mao1, Jiqing Tan2*, Bomin Chen3, Huiyi Fan2 Affiliation(s)

1Climate Center, Zhejiang Meteorologic Bureau, Hangzhou, China.

2Earth Science School, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.

3Shanghai Climate Center, Shanghai, China.

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Contemporary references to global warming pertain to the dramatic increase in monthly global land surface temperature (GLST) anomalies since 1976. In this paper, we argue that recent global warming is primarily a result of natural causes; we have established three steps that support this viewpoint. The first is to identify periodic functions that perfectly match all of the monthly anomaly data for GLST; the second is to identify monthly sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies that are located within different ocean basin domains and highly correlated with the monthly GLST anomalies; and the third is to determine whether the dramatically increasing (or dramatically decreasing) K-line diagram signals that coincide with GLST anomalies occurred in El Niño years (or La Niña years). We have identified 15,295 periodic functions that perfectly fit the monthly GLST anomalies from 1880 to 2013 and show that the monthly SST anomalies in six domains in different oceans are highly correlated with the monthly GLST anomalies. In addition, most of the annual dramatically increasing GLST anomalies occur in El Niño years; and most of the annual dramatically decreasing GLST anomalies occur in La Niña years. These findings indicate that the “ocean stabilization machine” might represent a primary factor underlying the effect of “global warming on climate change”.


Global Warming, Monthly Global Land Surface Temperature (GLST) Anomalies, Monthly SST Anomalies, Ocean Stabilization Machine, K-Line Diagram Signals