O design da natureza: a biologia da sobrevivência

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MATEC Web Conf.

Volume 301, 2019

The 13th International Conference on Axiomatic Design (ICAD 2019)

Article Number 00023

Number of page(s) 10

Published online 02 December 2019

MATEC Web of Conferences 301, 00023 (2019)

Nature's Design's: The Biology of Survival

Pam Mantri* and John Thomas

Cognitive Tools Ltd. LLC, P.O. Box 695; 255 North Ave; New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA

* Corresponding author: pammantri@cogtools.com

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Life has existed on earth for at least 3.95 billion years. All along, the flame of life has been successfully passed on from generation to generation, and species to species across an immense temporal span. This includes at least five mass-extinction events that wiped out over 70% of all species in each such biotic crisis. Against such immense odds, life has learned to thrive despite repeat assaults. And the ingenuity embedded within natures designs has been an integral part of this inspiring story. For example, the ancient bacterial flagellum is powered by the Mot Complex which is part of a perfectly circular nanoscale rotary engine. It is obvious that nature came upon the wheel much before human arrival (i.e., at least as far back as 2.7 billion years). Many are the design lessons that may be gleaned from studying nature. This paper looks at the immense evolutionary design-laboratory that nature evolves its designs within, and frames it alongside an Axiomatic/Complex-Adaptive/Stigmergic Systems perspective.

Key words: Axiomatic Design / Biological Systems / Stigmergy; Emergence / Complex Adaptive System / Evolution

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