As galhas de plantas e a evolução: como mais de 12.000 fatos estão matando uma belíssima hipótese - o Darwinismo

sexta-feira, outubro 13, 2017

Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig

7 September 2017

(with a few slight additions on the following days and a postscript on plant galls and the fossil record a week later)

Plant Galls and Evolution

How More than Twelve Thousand 1 Ugly Facts are Slaying a Beautiful Hypothesis: Darwinism 2

[T]he great tragedy of Science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. [But] Science commits suicidewhen it adopts a creed.

Thomas Henry Huxley

If it could be proved that any part of the structure of any one species had been formed for the exclusive good of another species, it would annihilate my theory, for such could not have been produced through natural selection

Charles Darwin

Even those strongly skeptical about teleological interpretations cannot contest the fact that plant galls are constructions promoting a parasite thus benefiting a foreign organism, devices which already by this support are detrimental to the host plant.”

Ernst Küster 3

The problem which plant galls present for the selection theory has often been neglected. ... [The dilemma] is not slight, since the expediency of galls throws up very serious difficulties for the selection principle.

Erich Becher 4