Uma relíquia de design: contra as funções próprias da biologia. Será?

segunda-feira, julho 04, 2022

A relic of design: against proper functions in biology

Emanuele Ratti & Pierre-Luc Germain 

Biology & Philosophy volume 37, Article number: 27 (2022)



The notion of biological function is fraught with difficulties—intrinsically and irremediably so, we argue. The physiological practice of functional ascription originates from a time when organisms were thought to be designed and remained largely unchanged since. In a secularized worldview, this creates a paradox which accounts of functions as selected effect attempt to resolve. This attempt, we argue, misses its target in physiology and it brings problems of its own. Instead, we propose that a better solution to the conundrum of biological functions is to abandon the notion altogether, a prospect not only less daunting than it appears, but arguably the natural continuation of the naturalisation of biology.

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