Mais uma hipótese sobre a origem da vida: formação de ligações peptídicas mecanoquímicas

terça-feira, junho 15, 2021

Angewandte Chemie International EditionVolume 60, Issue 23 p. 12727-12731


Mechanochemical Prebiotic Peptide Bond Formation**

Tomislav Stolar,Saša Grubešić,Dr. Nikola Cindro,Prof. Dr. Ernest Meštrović,Dr. Krunoslav Užarević,Dr. José G. Hernández

First published: 26 March 2021

Source/Fonte: PhysOrg


The presence of amino acids on the prebiotic Earth, either stemming from endogenous chemical routes or delivered by meteorites, is consensually accepted. Prebiotically plausible pathways to peptides from inactivated amino acids are still unclear as most oligomerization approaches rely on thermodynamically disfavored reactions in solution. Now, a combination of prebiotically plausible minerals and mechanochemical activation enables the oligomerization of glycine at ambient temperature in the absence of water. Raising the reaction temperature increases the degree of oligomerization concomitantly with the formation of a commonly unwanted cyclic glycine dimer (DKP). However, DKP is a productive intermediate in the mechanochemical oligomerization of glycine. The findings of this research show that mechanochemical peptide bond formation is a dynamic process that provides alternative routes towards oligopeptides and establishes new synthetic approaches for prebiotic chemistry.