Pele de dinossauro do Cretáceo perfeitamente preservada encontrada na Coreia

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Exquisitely-preserved, high-definition skin traces in diminutive theropod tracks from the Cretaceous of Korea

Kyung Soo Kim, Martin G. Lockley, Jong Deock Lim & Lida Xing 

Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 2039 (2019)

Figure 4
Fig. 4


Small theropod tracks, ichnogenus Minisauripus, from the Jinju Formation (Cretaceous) of Korea reveal exquisitely preserved skin texture impressions. This is the first report for any dinosaur of skin traces that cover entire footprints, and every footprint in a trackway. Special sedimentological conditions allowed footprint registration without smearing of skin texture patterns which consist of densely-packed, reticulate arrays of small (<0 .5="" also="" and="" as="" avian="" birds="" both="" casts="" china="" cretaceous="" different="" essentially="" foot="" for="" from="" had="" impressions="" is="" latter="" lower="" mm="" morphologies.="" nbsp="" of="" oldest="" polygons="" preserved="" quite="" replicas.="" report="" reported="" resembles="" skin="" span="" texture="" that="" the="" theropods="" this="" two="" which="">Minisauripus from Korea predating five reports from the Haman Formation of inferred Albian age. Minisauripus is now known from six Korean and three Chinese localities, all from the Lower Cretaceous. This gives a total sample of ~ 95 tracks representing ~ 54 trackways. With 80% of tracks <3 .0="" cm="" long="" nbsp="" span="">Minisauripus is pivotal in debates over whether small tracks represent small species, as the database suggests, or juveniles of large species. 


We thank the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Queensland, Brisbane for help with statistical analyses done in Supplementary Information.

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Department of Science Education, Chinju National University of Education, 3 Jinnyangho-ro 369beon-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongnam, 52673, Korea
Kyung Soo Kim

Dinosaur Trackers Research Group, University of Colorado Denver, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO, 80217, USA
Martin G. Lockley

Cultural Heritage Administration, Government Complex-Daejeon, 189, Cheongsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejon, 35208, Korea
Jong Deock Lim

School of the Earth Sciences and Resources, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, 100083, China
Lida Xing


K.-S.K. found, collected and photographed specimens K.-S.K., M.G.L. and J.-D.L. examined field site, measured specimens and prepared manuscript and figures. L.X. examined comparative material and helped with bibliographic research and database organization.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Correspondence to Martin G. Lockley.

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