Último artigo de Stephen Hawking: uma saída simples da inflação eterna do universo???

domingo, maio 20, 2018

Journal of High Energy Physics

April 2018, 2018:147 | Cite as

A smooth exit from eternal inflation?

Authors and affiliations

S. W. Hawking 1

Thomas Hertog 2

Email author

1.DAMTP, CMS Cambridge U.K.

2.Institute for Theoretical Physics University of Leuven Leuven Belgium

Open AccessRegular Article - Theoretical Physics

First Online: 27 April 2018

Source/Fonte: Universe Review CA


The usual theory of inflation breaks down in eternal inflation. We derive a dual description of eternal inflation in terms of a deformed Euclidean CFT located at the threshold of eternal inflation. The partition function gives the amplitude of different geometries of the threshold surface in the no-boundary state. Its local and global behavior in dual toy models shows that the amplitude is low for surfaces which are not nearly conformal to the round three-sphere and essentially zero for surfaces with negative curvature. Based on this we conjecture that the exit from eternal inflation does not produce an infinite fractal-like multiverse, but is finite and reasonably smooth.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Gauge-gravity correspondence Models of Quantum Gravity Spacetime Singularities