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quinta-feira, fevereiro 02, 2017

Design of an anthropomorphic dual-arm robot with biologically inspired 8-DOF arms


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Dong-Hyuk Lee Hyeonjun ParkJae-Han ParkMoon-Hong BaegJi-Hun Bae Email author


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First Online: 28 January 2017

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Lee, DH., Park, H., Park, JH. et al. Intel Serv Robotics (2017). doi:10.1007/s11370-017-0215-z

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From the perspective of kinematics, dual-arm manipulation in robots differs from single-arm manipulation in that it requires high dexterity in a specific region of the manipulator’s workspace. This feature has motivated research on the specialized design of manipulators for dual-arm robots. These recently introduced robots often utilize a shoulder structure with a tilted angle of some magnitude. The tilted shoulder yields better kinematic performance for dual-arm manipulation, such as a wider common workspace for each arm. However, this method tends to reduce total workspace volume, which results in lower kinematic performance for single-arm tasks in the outer region of the workspace. To overcome this trade-off, the authors of this study propose a design for a dual-arm robot with a biologically inspired four degree-of-freedom shoulder mechanism. This study analyzes the kinematic performance of the proposed design and compares it with that of a conventional dual-arm robot from the perspective of workspace and single-/dual-arm manipulability. The comparative analysis revealed that the proposed structure can significantly enhance single- and dual-arm kinematic performance in comparison with conventional dual-arm structures. This superior kinematic performance was verified through experiments, which showed that the proposed method required shorter settling time and trajectory-following performance than the conventional dual-arm robot.


Bimanual manipulation Dual-arm manipulation Dexterous manipulation Redundant manipulator

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