Darwin não consegue explicar a história abreviada da evolução humana!!!

quarta-feira, dezembro 19, 2018

International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology

December 2018, 2:6 | Cite as

A brief history of human evolution: challenging Darwin’s claim

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Sarah Umer

Sarah Umer
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First Online: 29 October 2018


There is a consensus among evolutionists today that man first appeared in Africa approximately four million years ago. Others counter this theory saying, “...when shall we speak of man as man”? The timeline they give is approximately one million years and to fully understand one million years is still a difficult task.

However, another even better way to understand time and man is to study it in terms of generations. So, keeping in mind that primitive people married and had children early, twenty years will make an average generation. According to this there would be 50,000 generations in a million years. Keeping this in mind if we calculate generations we find that 250 generations back take us to the time when written history began. While, another 250 generations back would take us to the time (10,000 years ago), when cultivation began, and man started settled life. Now we are left with 49,500 generations of men, plus a time span of 990,000 years. Keeping these statistics in mind let us ask the question once more, when should we speak of man as man?

Therefore, this paper attempts not only to understand the timeframe “when we can really call Man? – Man” in light of the so-called history of human evolution but also to understand that if the specie roaming the earth for a million years was truly man’s ancestor, as is claimed by Charles Darwin. Then what took man’s ancestor so long to show signs of development that we only witness in the last 12000 years.

Moreover, while keeping man’s progress under consideration of the last 12000 years, it will further shed light on why there are serious reservations about Charles Darwin theory of human evolution. As many scientists, evolutionists, archeologist and different religious scriptures strongly claim that man came to the earth fully developed and did not evolve from a lesser specie.

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Este artigo com revisão por pares vai dar uma dor de cabeça para os evolucionistas ortodoxos fundamentalistas!!!

Pano rápido! Darwin kaput desde 1859!!!