O gráfico de dependência da vida: uma área de pesquisa promissora contra a Árvore da Vida atual

quarta-feira, julho 18, 2018

The Dependency Graph of Life

Winston Ewert

Dependency graph illustrating the module jsdom accessing the module request which accesses other modules. Request is also accessed by other higher-level modules. 


The hierarchical classification of life has been claimed as compelling evidence for universal common ancestry. However, research has uncovered much data which is not congruent with the hierarchical pattern. Nevertheless, biological data resembles a nested hierarchy sufficiently well to require an explanation. While many defenders of intelligent design dispute common descent, no alternative account of the approximate nested hierarchy pattern has been widely adopted. We present the dependency graph hypothesis as an alternative explanation, based on the technique used by software developers to reuse code among different software projects. This hypothesis postulates that different biological species share modules related by a dependency graph. We evaluate several predictions made by this model about both biological and synthetic data, finding them to be fulfilled.

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