Distribuição desigual da variância mutacional em todo o transcriptoma da Drosophila serrata revelada pela análise de alta dimensionalidade da expressão gênica

segunda-feira, julho 09, 2018

Uneven Distribution of Mutational Variance Across the Transcriptome of Drosophila serrata Revealed by High-Dimensional Analysis of Gene Expression

Emma Hine, Daniel E. Runcie, Katrina McGuigan and Mark W. Blows

GENETICS Early online June 8, 2018;


There are essentially an infinite number of traits that could be measured on any organism, and almost all individual traits display genetic variation, yet substantial genetic variance in a large number of independent traits is not plausible under basic models of selection and mutation. One mechanism that may be invoked to explain the observed levels of genetic variance in individual traits is that pleiotropy results in fewer dimensions of phenotypic space with substantial genetic variance. Multivariate genetic analyses of small sets of functionally-related traits have shown that standing genetic variance is often concentrated in relatively few dimensions. It is unknown if a similar concentration of genetic variance occurs at a phenome-wide scale when many traits of disparate function are considered, or if the genetic variance generated by new mutations is also unevenly distributed across phenotypic space. Here, we used a Bayesian sparse factor model to characterize the distribution of mutational variance of 3385 gene expression traits of Drosophila serrata after 27 generations of mutation accumulation, and found that 46% of the estimated mutational variance was concentrated in just 21 dimensions with significant mutational heritability. We show that the extent of concentration of mutational variance into such a small subspace has the potential to substantially bias the response to selection of these traits.


Received May 10, 2018. Revision received May 10, 2018.

Accepted May 31, 2018.

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