Inflação cosmológica reproduzida em laboratório?

quinta-feira, abril 26, 2018

A Rapidly Expanding Bose-Einstein Condensate: An Expanding Universe in the Lab

S. Eckel, A. Kumar, T. Jacobson, I. B. Spielman, and G. K. Campbell

Phys. Rev. X 8, 021021 – Published 19 April 2018

Source/Fonte: LeCosPa


We study the dynamics of a supersonically expanding, ring-shaped Bose-Einstein condensate both experimentally and theoretically. The expansion redshifts long-wavelength excitations, as in an expanding universe. After expansion, energy in the radial mode leads to the production of bulk topological excitations—solitons and vortices—driving the production of a large number of azimuthal phonons and, at late times, causing stochastic persistent currents. These complex nonlinear dynamics, fueled by the energy stored coherently in one mode, are reminiscent of a type of “preheating” that may have taken place at the end of inflation.

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Published by the American Physical Society

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Research Areas Acoustic phonons Physical Systems Bose-Einstein condensates Solitons Superfluids Vortices Properties Distances, redshifts, & velocities Gravitation, Cosmology & Astrophysics Atomic, Molecular & Optical