Novos módulos para ensinar medicina evolucionária: uma experiência australiana e suíça

sexta-feira, abril 22, 2016

Novel Modules to Teach Evolutionary Medicine: an Australian and a Swiss Experience

Frank Rühli, Martin Haeusler, Arthur Saniotis, Maciej Henneberg

First online: 18 April 2016



Evolutionary medicine is a growing field focusing on the evolutionary basis of human diseases and their changes through time. The introduction of concepts of long- and short-term evolution into the medical curricula is essential to acknowledge the variability of human biology.


Three courses of the EM taught at the University of Zurich and the University of Adelaide are presented by giving their general descriptions, full curricula, and the results of anonymized student evaluations.


The presented courses meet a growing need and were positively received by the students. Most importantly, they seem to stimulate critical thinking about issues relating to health and evolution.


The incorporation of these topics into curricula will allow future practitioners of health-related professions to apply principles of human evolution and its forces in their work.

Keywords Disease Curricula Evolutionary medicine Medical school

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