O caso difícil da origem da vida somente via RNA

sexta-feira, janeiro 17, 2020

The difficult case of an RNA-only origin of life
Kristian Le Vay; Hannes Mutschler

Emerg Top Life Sci (2019) 3 (5): 469–475.


Figure 1 


The RNA world hypothesis is probably the most extensively studied model for the emergence of life on Earth. Despite a large body of evidence supporting the idea that RNA is capable of kick-starting autocatalytic self-replication and thus initiating the emergence of life, seemingly insurmountable weaknesses in the theory have also been highlighted. These problems could be overcome by novel experimental approaches, including out-of-equilibrium environments, and the exploration of an early co-evolution of RNA and other key biomolecules such as peptides and DNA, which might be necessary to mitigate the shortcomings of RNA-only systems.

Keywords: origins of life, prebiotic chemistry, RNA catalysis, RNA world, self-replication

Subjects: Chemical Biology, Evolutionary Biology, RNA, Synthetic Biology
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