O status epistêmico da teoria evolucionária

terça-feira, setembro 19, 2017

The Epistemic Status of Evolutionary Theory

Gijsbert van den Brink, Jeroen de Ridder & René van Woudenberg

Pages 1-19 | Published online: 18 Sep 2017

Source/Fonte: Internet image


The theory of evolution continues to be a bone of contention among certain groups of theistic believers. This paper aims to bring some light to the debate about it, by introducing a framework for epistemic appraisal which can provide a realistic and sober assessment of the epistemic credentials of the various parts of evolutionary theory. The upshot is a more nuanced epistemic appraisal of the theory of evolution, which shows that there are significant differences in epistemic standing between its various parts. Any serious conversation about the theory of evolution ought to reflect these facts.

KEYWORDS: Evolution, epistemic status, creationism, scientific theory, ancient earth, common ancestry

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