John Hawks 'falou e disse': a evolução humana é mais um delta barrento do que uma árvore ramificada!

sábado, setembro 02, 2017

Human evolution is more a muddy delta than a branching tree

John Hawks is a professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He works on the fossil and genetic record of human evolution.

Until recently, anthropologists drew the human family tree in the same way that my 10-year-old son solves a maze. He finds it much easier to work from the end to the beginning, because blind alleys lead with depressing sameness away from the start. In just this way, scientists once traced our own lineage from the present into the past, moving backward through a thicket of fossil relatives, each perched upon its own special branch to extinction.

This approach yielded the now-ubiquitous image of the human family tree, with Homo sapiens – the one and only living hominid – sitting alone, seemingly inevitable, at the top. It’s a powerful metaphor, but it also turns out to be a deeply mistaken one. Where once we saw each branch in isolation, DNA evidence now reveals a network of connections. From an African origin more than 1.8 million years ago, human ancestors flowed into different populations, following separate paths for hundreds of thousands of years, yet still coming together to mix their genes.

The recovery of ancient DNA from ancient hominins, first by Svante Pääbo’s research group at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig and later by others, has started to bring unknown populations into view. Neanderthals provided a proof of principle, showing the recovery of whole-genome evidence from small fragments.

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Quer dizer então que o fato, Fato, FATO  da evolução é um delta barrento! Quer dizer, a teoria da evolução não é assim uma Brastemp epistêmica? Mas, um DELTA BARRENTO?

Pano rápido! John Hawks, um evolucionista, disse o que este blogger não teve insight de dizer: o fato, Fato, FATO da evolução é um DELTA BARRENTO!!!