Processos não markovianos dificultam o darwinismo quântico

sexta-feira, abril 22, 2016

Non-Markovianity hinders Quantum Darwinism

Fernando Galve, Roberta Zambrini & Sabrina Maniscalco

Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 19607 (2016)

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Quantum information Quantum mechanics

Received: 09 October 2015 Accepted: 03 December 2015 Published online: 20 January 2016


We investigate Quantum Darwinism and the emergence of a classical world from the quantum one in connection with the spectral properties of the environment. We use a microscopic model of quantum environment in which, by changing a simple system parameter, we can modify the information back flow from environment into the system, and therefore its non-Markovian character. We show that the presence of memory effects hinders the emergence of classical objective reality, linking these two apparently unrelated concepts via a unique dynamical feature related to decoherence factors.

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