Epi-Search: seus problemas de buscas por publicações científicas acabaram!

sexta-feira, março 18, 2016

Epi-Search (http://epi-search.com) is the only research tool on the web which allows you to input up to 10,000 words as your search query (i.e. whole articles, papers, book chapters).

Epi-search then runs a "find more like this search" to recommend books from the 5000 volume ISCE.edu library shows you how and why the results shown were recommended AND provides links to "good" related searches from 9 academic databases including:

- Google Scholar related academic results

- PhilPaper related philosophy results

- MIT CogNet related cognitive science results (citations only)

- CiteSeer related academic results

- DeepDyve related articles (abstracts only)

- JSTOR related resources (citations only)

- Taylor and Francis related resources (abstracts only)

- OUP Scholarship Online

Epi-Search is a conceptual search tool that out performs traditional searching algorithms because it is able to make use of concepts that are fully expressed in other documents.