IsisCB Explore: um serviço Open Access de localização de artigos, dissertações, teses e pesquisas em História da Ciência

quinta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2016

Please consider using the *IsisCB Explore History of Science Index* ( for your research, and encourage your library or department to add it to their list of resources. Accessible to anyone on the web, *IsisCB Explore* is a completely open access service made possible by the History of Science Society with support from the University of Oklahoma.

*IsisCB Explore* opens up bibliographical research in the history of science, technology, and medicine. It is designed for students, scholars, librarians, and the general public. Users will find the data architecture intuitive and powerful, and librarians can trust that it will guide researchers to the best literature in the discipline.

Based on the 100-year-old *Isis Current Bibliography of the History of Science*—the largest and most comprehensive in its field—it is supported by the discipline's flagship society, the History of Science Society. It will be expanded and updated annually.

Key features include:

- Nearly 200,000 interlinked bibliographic citations to books, chapters, articles, dissertations, and reviews from the *Isis Bibliography of the History of Science* 1974 to present. Annually updated.

- An authority index of over 150,000 curated entries. Includes historical concepts, persons, and institutions. Also indexes scholars, publishers, journals, and degree granting institutions.

- A navigation interface built specifically for history of science research. Enables focused searches on ancient, medieval, modern and non-Western topics.

- A state-of-the-art network architecture with complex interlinking of citation and authority records.

- Integrated social media tools, including public user comments as well as Twitter and Facebook sharing.

- User accounts with the ability to save searches.

- Zotero integration. Allows users to save individual citations as well as collected results.

- Automated access, with a REST API.

- A search widget for your website.

- *Coming soon:* A link resolver, giving library patrons immediate access to your library’s holdings.

There are some instructional videos on the IsisCB Explore YouTube Channel 

The introductory video 
<> gives you a quick overview. You can find more information about the history of the Isis

Bibliography on the main site:

Contact Stephen Weldon ( with questions.

Stephen P. Weldon

Assistant Professor of History of Science
Editor, Isis Bibliography of the History of Science
Department of History of Science
University of Oklahoma
601 Elm, Room 618
Norman, OK 73019-3106



Até que enfim, além do Google Scholar, surgiu um website de buscas sobre História da Ciência Open Access. Milhares de historiadores de ciência agora vão poder continuar suas pesquisas com mais facilidade e sem precisar se deslocar frequentemente para as bibliotecas universitárias.