Momento de mudança na esqueletização de trilobita, anterior a 365 MA, congelado no tempo e espaço

segunda-feira, setembro 21, 2015

A moment from before 365 Ma frozen in time and space

Błażej Błażejowski, Piotr Gieszcz, Carlton E. Brett & Marcin Binkowski

Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 14191 (2015)


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Palaeontology | Physiology


12 May 2015


27 July 2015

Published online:

18 September 2015


This study presents a detailed analysis of an exceptionally well-preserved articulated specimen of the trilobite Trimerocephalus from the Late Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland. X-ray microtomography reveals the oldest direct evidence for a moulting episode known from the fossil record. The process of moulting as well as associated features observed in the investigated specimen are interpreted by comparison with extinct and extant Xiphosurida arthropods, which survived global P/T extinction and are among the closest extant relatives of trilobites. A very special moment frozen in time and space millions years ago provides rare insights into the behavior and physiology of these long-extinct arthropods.

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