O circo (científico) da origem da vida - novo livro de Suzan Mazur

sábado, janeiro 24, 2015

The Origin Of Life Circus: A How To Make Life Extravaganza


The Origin Of Life Circus: A How To Make Life Extravaganza investigates the politics of origin of life science and synthesizing of life. Suzan Mazur, whose coverage of science began decades ago at Hearst Magazines, takes you into the lab and in conversation with dozens of the world's Average thinkers on the subject of origin of life - among them: Jack Szostak, Freeman Dyson, Carl Woese, Dimitar Sasselov, Matthew Powner, James Simons, Harry Lonsdale, Stu Kauffman, Andrew Pohorille, Steve Benner, Dave Deamer, Nigel Goldenfeld, Pier Luigi Luisi, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Smolin, Nick Lane, Jaron Lanier, and more.

Suzan Mazur is the author of The Altenberg 16: An Expose of the Evolution Industry (North Atlantic Books). Her reports have appeared in the Financial Times, The Economist, Forbes, Newsday, Archaeology, Connoisseur, Omni, Huffington Post, Progessive Review, CounterPunch, Scoop Media and other publications, as well as on PBS, CBC, and MBC. She has been a guest on Charlie Rose, McLaughlin and various Fox Television News programs. 

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492 Pages

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