Kauffman: além do impasse mente-corpo consciente e a mecânica quântica

quinta-feira, outubro 09, 2014

Além do impasse: Mente-Corpo consciente - Mecânica Quântica - Livre arbítrio - Possível pan-psiquismo - Possível interpretação do enigma quântico

Beyond the Stalemate: Conscious Mind-Body - Quantum Mechanics - Free Will - Possible Panpsychism - Possible Interpretation of Quantum Enigma

I wish to discuss a large, interwoven set of topics pointed at in the title above. Much of what I say is highly speculative, some is testable, some is, at present, surely not. It is, I hope, useful, to set these ideas forth for our consideration. What I shall say assumes quantum measurement is real, and that Bohm's interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is not true. The Stalemate: In our contemporary neurobiology and much of the philosophy of mind post Descartes we are classical physics machines and either mindless, or mind is at best epiphenomenal and can have no consequences for the physical world. The first main point of this paper is that we are not forced to this conclusion, but must give up total reliance on classical physics.
Comments:20 pages
Subjects:History and Philosophy of Physics (physics.hist-ph); Quantum Physics (quant-ph)
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