E a história evolucionária do gênero humano... bem, nós ainda continuamos ignorantes!!!

sexta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2013

Current Biology, Volume 23, Issue 3, R112-R115, 4 February 2013
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Tim White See Affiliations


Two new fossil jawbones from Kenya are claimed to confirm a diversity of early Homo species. However, archaic species concepts and an inadequate fossil record continue to obscure the origins of our genus.


The authors take an unusual approach to constructing, in 3-D digital space, what they think the dental arcade of the new fossil maxilla should have looked like. They accomplish this feat by filling the fossil’s empty and broken tooth sockets with digital models of modern human teeth. Why modern human teeth were better suited than available contemporary fossil teeth is left unexplained. The authors argue that their implantation of these ‘nearly-false’ digital teeth imparts a ‘square’ shape to the new juvenile’s anterior palate. Such comparisons lead them to the conclusion that the juvenile would have grown up to look like KNM-ER 1470.

Ergo, the new subadult jaw must have belonged to the same species as the old edentulous cranium from 1973. Equally questionablepaleodigital orthodontia is also performed on the other lower jaw from the 1970s, which thereupon is declared ‘‘an unlikely match’’ for H. rudolfensis. The authors [1] cite these claimed
matches and mismatches as evidence for separate species lineages of Homo in eastern Africa at w2 mya, an interpretation extended by others [4].


Se não sabemos, não sabemos, e por mais que isso seja mercadejado como ciência é, na verdade, FICÇÃO!!!


Como bem disse Stephen Jay Gould, um evolucionista honesto: Just-so stories [Estórias da carochinha]!!!