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sábado, novembro 26, 2011

UCL Symposium on the Origin of Life

First UCL Symposium on the Origin of Life | Friday 11 November 2011


The origin of life is probably the most exciting but also most elusive question in biology. University College London has recently started an initiative addressing a broad range of aspects concerning the origin of life, including the development of an 'Origin of Life Reactor'.

The First UCL Symposium on the Origin of Life provides a one-day platform for bringing together world-class scientists researching disciplines including planetary sciences, chemistry, molecular and microbiology, biophysics and evolution. International speakers are presenting their work alongside prominent researchers from UCL, and the organisers hope that this meeting will serve as inspiration for people working on this subject matter and a wider audience interested in the origin of life on earth. The scientific organisers are Dr Finn Werner and Dr Nick Lane.

First UCL Symposium on the Origin of Life
Friday 11 November 2011 

Introduction and Keynote Lecture
Chair: Dr Finn Werner 

09.00 'An Introduction to the UCL Origin of Life Initiative'
Professor G. David Price, UCL

09.15 'Hyperthermophiles in the History of Life'
Professor Karl Otto Stetter, University of Regensburg

This keynote lecture is sponsored by the Biochemical Society

Planetary Science and Biology
Chair: Dr Lewis Dartnell 

10.10 'The habitat of early life: the geological evidence'
Professor Euan Nisbet, Royal Holloway University of London

10.45 'Tectonic Recycling and the Emergence of the Living Planet' Dr Graham Shields, UCL

11.10 Tea and Coffee Break 

Chemistry and Computation
Chair: Dr Nick Lane 

11.40 'A Plausible Prebiotic Path from One-Carbon Molecules to RNA' Professor Ernesto DiMauro, Sapienza University of Rome

12.15 'Origins of Life: Theory, Modelling and Simulation'
Professor Peter Coveney, UCL

12.40 Lunch Break 

Biochemistry and Microbiology
Chair: Dr Finn Werner 

14.00 'Bringing Rocks to Life: The Early Evolution of Biological Energy Conservation' Professor William Martin, Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf

14.35 'The Origins of Coupling'
Dr Nick Lane, UCL

15.00 'The Deep Phylogenetic Roots of Metabolic Enzymes

15.35 'Linking Ancient Enzymes and Prebiotic Cycles with Synthetic Biology' Professor John Ward, UCL

16.00 Tea and Coffee Break 

Molecular Biology
The RNA world – information processing in living systems
Chair: Prof John Ward 

16.30 'Thermal Solutions for Molecular Evolution'


'Nucleic Acid Polymerisation - Molecular Mechanisms of Information Processing' Dr Finn Werner, UCL


17.40 'The UCL Origin of Life Reactor' Dr Nick Lane, UCL

18.00 Drinks Reception in the Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoological museum in London. It houses around 67,000 specimens, covering the whole Animal Kingdom.



Alguém sabe se estas palestras foram gravadas? Serão publicadas? Com os atuais cenários [NOTA BENE, cenários] impotentes na solução de como a vida se originou, penso que o Mysterium tremendum continuará sendo Mysterium tremendum que os cientistas ainda vão ter que conviver em estado de profunda ignorância epistêmica e 'just-so stories' [estórias da carochinha].