Computadores baseados na lógica do DNA

segunda-feira, novembro 21, 2011

DNA Computer

DNA computers will be the next-generation computers made of genes' building blocks. Because of their speed, miniaturization and data storage potential DNA computers are being considered as a replacement for silicon-based computers. Current DNA computer research has already proven that DNA computers are capable of solving complex mathematical equations and storing enormous amounts of data.

Limitation of Silicon Chips

Silicon-based computer chips have been around for more than 40 years and manufacturers have been successful in making silicon-based chips smaller, more complex and faster than their predecessors. According to Moore's Law, microprocessor size is halved every eighteen months. However, there is a limitation to how small, fast and compact silicon computer chips can be.

DNA Computer DNA Computer

Advantages of DNA Computers

DNA computers show promise because they do not have the limitations of silicon-based chips. For one, DNA based chip manufacturers will always have an ample supply of raw materials as DNA exists in all living things; this means generally lower overhead costs. Secondly, the DNA chip manufacture does not produce toxic by-products. Last but not the least, DNA computers will be much smaller than silicon-based computers as one pound of DNA chips can hold all the information stored in all the computers in the world.

With the use of DNA logic gates, a DNA computer the size of a teardrop will be more powerful than today's most powerful supercomputer. A DNA chip less than the size of a dime will have the capacity to perform 10 trillion parallel calculations at one time as well as hold ten terabytes of data. The capacity to perform parallel calculations, much more trillions of parallel calculations, is something silicon-based computers are not able to do. As such, a complex mathematical problem that could take silicon-based computers thousands of years to solve can be done by DNA computers in hours. For this reason, the first use of DNA computers will most probably be cracking of codes, route planning and complex simulations for the government.

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Os computadores baseados na lógica do DNA são uma evidência forte a favor do design inteligente na origem do DNA.