O princípio de seleção natural: nem de Darwin, e muito menos de Wallace!!!

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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 15 (1) 1-8 June, 2008

ISSN 1319-562 X

The Official Journal of the Saudi Biological Society


Natural Selection: It’s Not Darwin’s (Or Wallace’S) Theory

Milton Wainwright

Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK


For nearly 150 years, since soon after the appearance of the On the Origin of Species, we have known that neither Charles Darwin nor Alfred Russel Wallace originated the theory of natural selection. This certainty is based on the fact that both of these great naturalists admitted that they were beaten to the theory by at least two other naturalists. Since Darwin and Wallace readily accepted that they did not originate natural selection why the do we insist on crediting them with this seminal discovery? Here, I will show how Darwin and Wallace’s lack of priority on natural selection has been kept from both the scientific community as well as the general public.