Inseto viveu há 120 milhões, mas é igual ao contemporâneo: eita seleção natural preguiçosa, nada fez!!!

sábado, outubro 08, 2011

A New Species of Fossil Silky Lacewing Insects That Lived More Than 120 Million Years Ago

ScienceDaily (Oct. 5, 2011) — A team of researchers from the Capital Normal University in Beijing (China) and the Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences in Vladivostok (Russia) has discovered a remarkable silky lacewing insect from the Mesozoic of China. The study has been published recently in the open access journal ZooKeys and is available for free download.

This is the new fossil species, Undulopsychopsis alexi. 
(Credit: Prof. Dong Ren)

The extant silky lacewings (the familyPsychopsidae) may be recognized by their broad wing shape, dense venation, spectacularly patterned and hairy wings. Today, this family is very small, restricted only to southern Africa, southeastern Asia and Australia, but in the Mesozoic, it was much more widely distributed.

The new fossil silky lacewing --Undulopsychopsis alexi -- was found from in the Yixian Formation of western Liaoning Province, one of the most productive Mesozoic fossil-bearing horizons in China. The species is characterized by the undulate wing margin, a unique condition amongst knownPsychopsidae, and a number of unusual characters of the wing venation.

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ZooKeys 130 (2011) : Special issue: 217-228

Advances in the Systematics of Fossil and Modern Insects: Honouring Alexandr Rasnitsyn 

A new fossil silky lacewing genus (Neuroptera, Psychopsidae) from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of China

Yuanyuan Peng, Vladimir Makarkin, Xiaodong Wang, Dong Ren

doi: 10.3897/zookeys.130.1576

Published: 24.09.2011 


A new genus and species, Undulopsychopsis alexi gen. et sp. n., is described from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of western Liaoning Province, China. This genus is probably most closely related to the Asian Cretaceous genus Kagapsychops Fujiyama, 1978. The family affinity of Undulopsychopsis gen. n. is discussed. The genus is preliminarily assigned to Psychopsidae, although it shares some character states with Osmylopsychopidae (e.g., crossveins are very scarce; Rs1 and 1A are multi-branched).