Adicionando controle para operações quânticas arbitrárias desconhecidas

terça-feira, agosto 02, 2011

Adding control to arbitrary unknown quantum operations

Xiao-Qi Zhou, Timothy C. Ralph, Pruet Kalasuwan, Mian Zhang, Alberto Peruzzo, Benjamin P. Lanyon & Jeremy L. O'Brien


Corresponding author

Nature Communications 2, Article number: 413


Received 22 December 2010 Accepted 15 June 2011 Published 02 August 2011


Although quantum computers promise significant advantages, the complexity of quantum algorithms remains a major technological obstacle. We have developed and demonstrated an architecture-independent technique that simplifies adding control qubits to arbitrary quantum operations—a requirement in many quantum algorithms, simulations and metrology. The technique, which is independent of how the operation is done, does not require knowledge of what the operation is, and largely separates the problems of how to implement a quantum operation in the laboratory and how to add a control. Here, we demonstrate an entanglement-based version in a photonic system, realizing a range of different two-qubit gates with high fidelity.