Gregory Chaitin ministrando curso na UFRJ - Provando Darwin: Tornando matemática a biologia

domingo, maio 22, 2011

Gregory Chaitin


Making Biology Mathematical

Can all the sophisticated, intricate and amazing life forms we see around us have evolved by blind chance as Darwin claims, or were we deliberately designed? The controversy rages, but we will never be sure, the author claims, until there is a mathematical proof that natural selection works, or a proof that it cannot work.

For this we need a mathematical theory of evolution and biological creativity, and the author has bravely set out to build such a theory. Has he succeeded? Perhaps! At least he is trying hard and there are some encouraging developments. And in this book he tells the story of how he did it, more precisely, of how he may have done it.

Gregory Chaitin is well-known for his work on metamathematics and for the celebrated Ω number, which shows that God plays dice in pure mathematics. He has published many books on such topics, including Meta Math! The Quest for Omega, but this is his first book on biology.



Dr. Chaitin me enviou e-mail ainda há pouco (22/05/2011) avisando que está dando um curso na UFRJ "Metabiology: Life as Evolving Software" utilizando este livreto.