A Nomenklatura científica não quer que você saiba, mas Darwin, quem diria, era teleologista!!!

sábado, maio 21, 2011

Darwin was a Teleologist* 

James G. Lennox

Department of History and Philosophy of Science 
1017 Cathedral of Learning 
University o f Pittsburgh 
Pittsburgh, PA 15260 


It is often claimed that one of Darwin's chief accomplishments was to provide biology with a non-teleological explanation of adaptation. A number of Darwin's closest associates, however, and Darwin himself, did not see it that way. In order to assess whether Darwin's version of evolutionary theory does or does not employ teleological explanation, two of his botanical studies are examined. The result of this examination is that Darwin sees selection explanations o adaptations as teleological explanations. The confusion in the nineteenth century about Darwin's attitude to teleology is argued to be a result of Darwin's teleological explanations not conforming to either of the dominant philosophical justifications of teleology at that time. Darwin's explanatory practices conform well, however, to recent defenses of the teleological character of selection explanations. 

KEY WORDS : Adaptation, Darwin, final cause, natural selection, plant sexuality, teleology.




Cuma??? Darwin esposando teleologia??? Tem muita gente que não sabe disso, mas o homem que teve a maior ideia que toda a humanidade já teve, não se desvencilhou completamente da teleologia. Pensar que dizem que Darwin alijou a teleologia da Biologia. NADA MAIS FALSO!!!