Dr. Kenneth Miller, criacionista, vai receber o prêmio Stephen Jay Gould 2011

sábado, abril 30, 2011

The Stephen Jay Gould Prize

The Stephen Jay Gould Prize is awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize individuals whose sustained and exemplary efforts have advanced public understanding of evolutionary science and its importance in biology, education, and everyday life in the spirit of Stephen Jay Gould.

The winner of the 2011 Stephen Jay Gould Prize is Kenneth R. Miller, a Professor of Biology at Brown University. Through his writings, teaching and appearances in court, Dr. Miller has proved an eloquent and passionate defender of evolution and the scientific method. Dr. Miller received his PhD in Biology from the University of Colorado and taught from 1974 to 1980 at Harvard University. While at Harvard he frequently interacted with and was inspired by Stephen Jay Gould. He first became aware of antievolutionism as a beginning professor at Brown University. His passion and skill at rebutting the claims of creationists eventually led him to serve as a key witness in several important and high-profile evolution-creationist court cases, including the well-known Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Districtcase in 2005, the decision for which effectively forestalled further attempts to mandate the teaching of intelligent design in high school science curricula. Dr. Miller is also well known for his widely used high-school biology textbook, Biology, co-authored with Joseph Levine. With its strong unifying theme of evolution, this book was at the heart of court cases in 2004 and 2005 and has been defended from creationist inroads through Miller’s several debates with school board members and other decision-makers, helping to educate them as to the importance of the inclusion of evolution in their standards and curricula. He has written insightfully about the relationships between science and religion in his 1999 book Finding Darwin’s God, and his most recent book Only a Theory - Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul (2008) was named to Amazon's list of Best Science Books of 2008 and was a finalist for the National Academy of Sciences' Communication Award in 2009.

Dr. Miller is well-recognized as an engaging and effective communicator for both scientific and lay audiences, and has made frequent radio and television appearances. He is a master of the public presentation of science, and conveys scientific content in a style that effectively engages audiences with a broad range of backgrounds. As such, the broad reach of his public presentations and writings on evolution makes him an excellent choice for this year’s Stephen Jay Gould Award.

The Stephen Jay Gould Prize Committee:
Scott Edwards, Chair
Sam Scheiner
Maria Servidio
John Willis

Past Stephen J. Gould Prize winners:
2009 Dr. Eugenie C. Scott
2010 Dr. Sean B. Carroll


Source/Fonte: Evolution Society



Como o Dr. Michael Behe, o Dr. Kenneth Miller também é católico e aceita a hipótese da ancestralidade comum. Por que os evolucionistas nomeiam Behe como criacionista e Miller não? Ah, Miller também acredita em Deus como Behe.

Vá entender a Lógica Darwista 102...