Fred Hoyle 'falou e disse' há 10 anos - a matemática não apoia as especulações transformistas de Darwin

sábado, fevereiro 12, 2011

Mathematics of Evolution 
Fred Hoyle

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Fred Hoyle's longtime friend George Carson urged Hoyle to write this book. Carson was a biologist who thought that neo-Darwinian evolution needed to be mathematically analyzed, and he knew that Hoyle was capable of doing the job. But Hoyle was preoccupied with cosmology and astronomy at the time. Only later he did turn his attention to biology. In collaboration with his former student, astronomer Chandra Wickramasinghe, he studied evidence for organic compounds in space. This work beginning in the early 1970s, and his correspondence with J.B.S. Haldane reopened Hoyle's interest in biology. In 1986, Hoyle finally did the mathematical study that Carson had urged him to do. He dedicated the book to Carson's memory. But, except for a few facsimile copies of Hoyle's manuscript, the book was not published. Now Hoyle has updated the text and written a Foreword for the publication on January 1st, 1999. 

Fred Hoyle has made a good living by writing about science in a simple and comprehensible style. He retains this style in Mathematics of Evolution. The interested reader will be rewarded with a new perspective on neo-Darwinian evolution

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Professor Hoyle has had a distinguished career as a theoretical physicist, writer and researcher. At the University of Cambridge, he was a lecturer in mathematics for eleven years before he was made Plumian professor of astronomy and experimental philosophy in 1958. He founded and was the first director of the Cambridge Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in 1967, was named an associate member of the American National Academy of Sciences in 1969, and has been an honorary professorial fellow at University College, Cardiff since 1976. He has been awarded many honors and was knighted in 1972. Sir Fred Hoyle has shown himself to be a gifted scientist and writer who is willing to address fundamental problems and to challenge established ideas in science. 

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A Nomenklatura científica, a Galera dos meninos e meninas de Darwin, e a Grande Mídia mainstream [assim é mais chic, chérie, très chic] a reboque, sempre afirmaram que os que não entendem ciência é que criticam a verdade científica da teoria da evolução através da seleção natural e n mecanismos, ou somente os motivados pelas suas subjetividades religiosas. Nada mais falso. Hoyle era ateu, e foi uma das mentes mais brilhantes que a humanidade já teve.

Há 10 anos atrás Hoyle já apontava a falência heurística da teoria quanto as filogenias baseadas em proteínas:

"Besides which, there are three further objections, one a reductio ad absurdum, another a flaw of logic, and the third a disproof by positive fact, that rule protein phylogenies so far out of court that one must wonder at the state of confusion which led to them ever being considered at all." p.130-131

Mas o que são essas objeções levantadas por alguém que não entende o que é ciência, nem como se faz ciência, não é mesmo? Quando a questão é Darwin, a Nomenklatura científica é tutti cosa nostra, capice???