Peter Singer: o Herodes pós-moderno, favorece o infanticídio até aos dois anos de idade

quinta-feira, novembro 25, 2010

Q.: When discussing at which point after birth we would give full moral status, you gave…a legal or public policy point about practicality… Forgetting the practical or public policy questions, if a person is a self aware individual and self awareness isn’t conferred by birth, and we use mirror tests to determine self awarness…at what point do you think an infant would pass the mirror test and therefore be self aware and be considered a person.

Singer: … My understanding is that it is not until after the first birthday, so somewhere between the first and second, I think, that they typically recognize the image in the mirror as themselves…Really, I think this is a gradual matter. If you are not talking about public policy or the law, but you are talking about when you really have the same moral status, I think that does develop gradually. There are various things that you could say that are sufficient to give some moral status after a few months, maybe six months or something like that, and you get perhaps to full moral status, really, only after two years. But I don’t think that should be the public policy criteria.


Source/Fonte: Secondhand Smoke


Peter Singer é professor de bioética na Universidade Princeton, uma universidade que há muito tempo perdeu sua identidade dos valores cristãos de sua fundação. 

É, com bioeticistas assim como Peter Singer, nós vamos ter que pedir perdão a Joseph Mengele et caterva.