Josh Timonen, ex-funcionário se defende e denuncia traição de Dawkins

domingo, outubro 24, 2010

The Ultimate Betrayal

It’s a sad, sad day today. All I’ll say at this point is that the truth will prevail. It won’t begin to fix the damage that’s been done, but the truth will prevail. 

With the internet, you can so easily spread outrageous lies, destroy someone’s reputation, self-worth and dignity, and not even have any evidence to back up your malicious attacks. And it amazes me that so many people are so quick to spew venom about people and a situation they know nothing about. Even after my name is cleared, the words and attacks will remain. 

A quick aside about the closing of the forum: I can understand that this decision was devastating to many of the forum users, and for that I am sorry. It was never our intention to hurt anyone through that process, it was purely a political decision. It’s frustrating to have been the fall-guy for this. I am not Richard Dawkins, I am not the Richard Dawkins Foundation Board of Trustees, and I did not act independently. This was a decision made by the organization, that I then executed. I kept my mouth shut through all of the personal attacks to protect the foundation, and to not get personally involved. The decisions that were made by RDF had nothing to do with my personal opinions or feelings on forums or content. They were based solely on protecting Richard Dawkins, RDF, and their reputations. 

This year has certainly been the darkest time of my life, the ultimate betrayal, and then the hordes of mostly-anonymous internet users decide to pile it on. It’s making it very hard for me to see the light at the end of this tunnel, where I might regain some kind of hope for humanity, and find motivation again to dedicate my life to improving it in some small way.

I’ve never had irreconcilable enemies before, ever. This is new for me. I’ve never before been the target of a baseless vendetta. But I’m dealing with it as sanely and calmly as I possibly can. 

I worked myself to the bone over the last four years to promote reason and science, hoping that my small role in this movement could affect some lasting positive change. I refuse to let this smear campaign destroy me. I created the Scarlet Letter “A” icon and its associated campaign to bring us all together, not tear us apart. I hope to be able to continue on that mission.

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