A hipocrisia de Al 'Apocalipse' Gore: façam só o que eu mando!!!

sexta-feira, outubro 29, 2010

Gore leaves car idling for one hour during speech; Opts for Swedish government jet over public transportation 

'Local legislation prohibits any car engine running for more than 60 seconds' -- But Gore Not Fined

Thursday, October 28, 2010By Marc Morano – Climate Depot

Reprinted from CFACT.EU

Frankly Sir, You Are an Embarrassment 

Posted: 27 Oct 2010 10:35 AM PDT
By Einar Du Rietz

Al Gore -- He did it again.

Recently, Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore toured again. Or maybe he does that all the time. This time, he turned up in Gothenburg (Sweden) for the usual alarmist talk. In advance, all distinguished guests were politely advised to – if possible – use any form of public transportation to go to the event, in order to minimize CO2 emissions.

Intriguingly, the Master of World Climate himself arrived in a rental car (with or without driver is unclear), from the airport, and subsequently left the engine running for the entire lecture. That is to say, about one hour. Incidentally, local legislation prohibits – for very good environmental reasons, i e pollution – any car engine running on empty for more than 60 seconds. Fines are severe. As far as I know, he was not fined.

It starts to form a pattern.

After the ceremony in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it is customary that the laureate is invited to the Swedish capital Stockholm, for a cordial visit. The train ride, supposedly the environmental choice according to Mr. Gore, is approximately four hours. However, he opted for the cosier ride with one of the Swedish government aircrafts. As these can, according to the rules, only be used when a cabinet member is on board – and as the Swedish government after a short ceremonial visit – offered to fly him to Frankfurt (Germany) for his flight to the US, you can calculate both the manpower and the fuel used for this grand tour against man's destruction of the planet.

Stupidity and hypocracy – as well as vanity – are, like it or not common human traits. I admit to some of them occasionally, but I don't demand taxpayers to finance my stupid talks at dinner (yes, I love doing that). Here's the deal Mr Gore: get out of my way, and I will keep out of yours.

[About the Author: Einar Du Rietz is a journalist and communications consultant based in Europe. He has authored several environmental reports for the Electrolux Group and loads of blogs for the Center for the New Europe at CNE Environment.]

Source/Fonte: ClimateDepot



Eu chamo o Al Gore de Al 'Apocalipse' Gore porque ele anuncia o Apocalipse do aquecimento global e, como pregadores religiosos fundamentalistas, ele anuncia o fim, a destruição, o perigo iminente sobre a humanidade, e ai de quem não crer neste Apocalipse: Al Gore não perdoa - anatematiza per omnia seculorum!

Só que este falso profeta está ficando cada vez mais rico com esta pregação apocalíptica, e é do tipo daqueles que afirmam: Façam o que eu digo, mas não façam o que eu faço. Só a casa dele nos Estados Unidos, e o avião particular [engraçado, a Grande Mídia cortesã só desce o cacete nos outros pregadores donos de aviões, neste aqui não. Por que Marcelo Leite, jornalista especial da Folha de São Paulo, este tratamento especial para Al Gore???] já é coisa de se questionar a integridade do discurso desse cidadão.

Fui, nem sei por que, feliz da vida esperando o Apocalipse de Al Gore que não virá. Aliás, dizem alguns, virá um muito pior do que este...