Ultrapassando o mundo RNA: o ancestral darwiniano inicial

quinta-feira, agosto 19, 2010

Getting Past the RNA World: The Initial Darwinian Ancestor

Michael Yarus

+Author Affiliations
Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0347


A little-noted result of the confirmation of multiple premises of the RNA-world hypothesis is that we now know something about the dawn organisms that followed the origin of life, perhaps over 4 billion years ago. We are therefore in an improved position to reason about the biota just before RNA times, during the era of the first replicators, the first Darwinian creatures on Earth. An RNA congener still prominent in modern biology is a plausible descendent of these first replicators.

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O parágrafo final deste artigo me deixou bastante desapontado. Eu pensei que Yarus iria atravessar o Rubicão do mundo RNA, e..., e..., e..., Kaput, back to square zero:

"Replication thus remains an essential issue to be decided. And even beyond replication, there are many footholds for a critic in the ideas above. Moreover, even if these ideas are entirely correct, we will take a step back toward the IDA, but will still not know that it is the last step. Nonetheless, in my own defense, the argument’s gaps seem experimentally amenable. There may well be anew world to find just beyond the RNAworld we know."

Sigh! Yawn! Zzzzzz!!!


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