Física pura: grupo de realismo estrutural

domingo, fevereiro 21, 2010

Group Structural Realism

Roberts, Bryan W. (2009) Group Structural Realism.


We present a precise form of structural realism, called 'group structural realism,' which identifies 'structure' in quantum theory with symmetry groups. However, working out the details of this view actually illuminates a major problem for structural realism; namely, a structure can itself have structure. This paper argues that, once a precise characterization of structure is given, the 'metaphysical hierarchy' on which group structural realism rests is seen to be overly extravagant and ultimately unmotivated.

Keywords: structural realism, group theory, quantum mechanics, realism

Subjects: General Issues: Theory Change

Specific Sciences: Physics

General Issues: Realism/Anti-realism

Specific Sciences: Physics: Quantum Mechanics

ID Code: 4733

Deposited By: Roberts, Bryan

Deposited On: 27 June 2009

Additional Information: Forthcoming in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science