Cenário de genômica evolucionária

quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2010

Landscape evolutionary genomics

David B. Lowry*

-Author Affiliations

University Program in Genetics and Genomics, Box 3565 Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA



Tremendous advances in genetic and genomic techniques have resulted in the capacity to identify genes involved in adaptive evolution across numerous biological systems. One of the next major steps in evolutionary biology will be to determine how landscape-level geographical and environmental features are involved in the distribution of this functional adaptive genetic variation. Here, I outline how an emerging synthesis of multiple disciplines has and will continue to facilitate a deeper understanding of the ways in which heterogeneity of the natural landscapes mould the genomes of organisms.

population genetics    adaptation    landscape ecology   genomics   natural selection   GIS


Received November 22, 2009.
Accepted January 3, 2010.
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